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At the Workshop Hero Nation, if you love what you do and never consider a day spent in the workshop “work,” then welcome to the club or we should say “welcome to the Nation.” Nation members are men and women who work hard and play even harder and we offer this Workshop Hero Nation Newsletter to celebrate these fine folks.

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Newsletter #4

Concorso Bizarro Shines a Spotlight on the Crazy, the Tasteless, the Quirky

The Elegance at Hershey is an annual event (hosted in Hershey, Pennsylvania) that brings the finest of race cars and show-quality collector cars of the World War II era together for a weekend in celebration of the automobile. Words such as elegance – grandeur — luxury are spoken frequently by show attendees as they gaze upon cars from days gone by that were not only about performance, but also about artistic design and opulence. Look to the Elegance at Hershey to see cars that were not just about transportation; they were a statement.

And then there is the Concorso Bizarro (insert the sound of screeching breaks); these cars are making a statement of quite a different sort. Added to the Elegance at Hershey schedule just last year, this new event could be described as the antithesis of everything the Elegance at Hershey stands for.

Frank Picks

Looking for a picking tip from the expert? Who better to talk about eagle-eye tactics for spotting antique reproductions than the bearded charmer of HISTORY’s American Pickers fame Frank Fritz? As a Workshop Hero ACE, Fritz is our resident expert on picking, especially when it comes to frequently reproduced items such as vintage toys, painted signs and sports memorabilia. We asked him to give us the lowdown and inside scoop.

Ace of the month


Mike McFadden, head of M&M Customs, is a self-taught master of his craft. With more than 30 years’ experience, this motorcycle fabricator has made a name for himself in creating motorcycle “works of art” that are multipurpose – bikes that are unique, to be ridden, and admired.

Show or Tell

Some might call it bragging or self-promotion but we call it “doing you a favor” because Metal Rescue is now even easier to get your hands on – look for us in all U.S. AutoZone stores. Metal Rescue’s debut in the more than 5200 AutoZone stores is like coming home — our water-based rust remover is made for the AutoZone customer. With rust removal uses that run the gamut from automotive parts to motorcycle accessories to the tools in your workshop, Metal Rescue and AutoZone is a match made in heaven.

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