Using Our Products

When we say Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is “safe on everything except rust” we mean it!  With Metal Rescue even the most heavily corroded metal parts come out clean and yet, it is safe enough that you can put your bare hands in it.  A water-based, non-acid, non-toxic and fume free rust remover– who said you can’t have it all?   Metal Rescue is your “hands down” (or we should say “hands in”) clean, safe, easy and effective rust remover!


Metal Rescue users have removed rust parts for classic cars ranging from Corvettes to GTO’s to Mustangs to the Plymouth Belvedere. Some of the parts we’ve seen Metal “Rescued” include manifolds, brakes, clutch components, engines, transmissions, carburetors and water pumps. One ecstatic customer even dubbed Metal Rescue the “fountain of youth for old auto parts.”

Gas Tank Restoration

Metal Rescue is ideal for restoring a gas tank, in fact it is one of the most common uses we hear about from our customers.   Say goodbye to caustic acids and sandblasting.  Say goodbye to exposure to toxic materials and dangerous fumes. Say goodbye to etched metal and messy sand residue. Instead, say hello to clean, safe and easy Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath.  Your rusty gas tank’s new best friend.


Tractor Parts – Farm Implements

The life of a farmer isn’t easy, but with Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath on hand one aspect of farm life can be clean, safe and easy.   We recommend keeping a pail, a bucket, a drum, heck, even a vat of Metal Rescue on hand to clean up your rustiest tools, nuts/bolts, equipment or machinery.  Not only is it safe for the metal, it is safe for the farmer, the animals, the land and the paint that is often on the machinery parts.  Check your Farmer’s Almanac–under the category effective rust removal methods, you will find three words: Use Metal Rescue!


Whether you are an antique dealer or collector, there is a place in your restoration toolbox for Metal Rescue!  If you are dealing with antiques, improve your selling price by cleaning up rusted antiques before you sell them.  If you collect antiques, go ahead and find the rustiest artifacts you can at great prices, then clean them up with Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath.   With Metal Rescue, you can make everything old look new again (but by new we mean old–only better).



If you’re like most mechanics, home users or “Regular Joes”, you’ve got a bunch of rusty tools in your garage, barn or basement in need of a dose of Metal Rescue!  Do you have rusty screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, pliers, sockets, T-squares or drill bits?  Soak them in Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath to remove the rust while leaving any etchings, plastic, rubber, or wooden handles unharmed.  With Metal Rescue, you can bring those old tools new life.

Hunting and Fishing

If you’ve got rusty fishing lures, tackle boxes, camping poles/equipment, or an old gun you want to clean up, Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is your answer.  With Metal Rescue’s water-based formula, simply soak, check and dry your rusty items without fear of any toxic residue left behind.  Take note, Metal Rescue will remove bluing, browning, zinc phosphate and other oxide finishes.