Using Our Products

When we say “safe on everything except rust” we mean it! Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath will take rust off the most heavily corroded metal parts, yet is safe enough that you can put your bare hands into it. Too good to be true? Check out the videos, photos and testimonials on this site for proof that Metal Rescue is the clean, safe and easy solution to removing rust. Guaranteed!


Metal Rescue® users have rescued parts for classic cars ranging from Corvettes to GTO’s to Mustangs to the Plymouth Belvedere. Some of the parts we’ve seen rescued in Metal Rescue® include manifolds, brakes, clutch components, engines, transmissions, carburetors and water pumps. One ecstatic customer even dubbed Metal Rescue® the “fountain of youth for old auto parts”. Be sure to check out all of the photos and video testimonials of previously rusted parts that have been restored thanks to Metal Rescue®.

Gas Tank Restoration

Metal Rescue® is perfect for restoring a gas tank. As rust accumulates on the inside of the tank, it becomes useless to the owner. Old methods of rust removal include caustic acids baths, sandblasting or other outdated methods. All of them pose a problem to the gas tank in terms of removing too much metal-thus promoting future corrosion or leaving sand residue everywhere. With Metal Rescue® all you do is drain the tank, pour in Metal Rescue® and soak. While soak times vary depending on the level of rust, be sure to rotate the tank (for off body restoration) to allow the Metal Rescue® to contact all rusted areas. After rust has been removed, drain the tank and fill with gasoline. The key to Metal Rescue® is that it does not affect the base metal — no need to use crèmes and other additives to coat the tank since the Metal Rescue® is not etching or removing properties of the metal like an acid. Only the rust is removed!

Tractor Parts – Farm Implements

There isn’t any group of users of Metal Rescue® that have a greater need for rust removal than farmers! To the farmer who has used Metal Rescue®, it is like the Farmer’s Almanac of rust removers! Every farmer needs a 55 gallon drum of Metal Rescue®. Not only is it safe for the metal, it is safe for the farmer, the animals, the land and the paint that is often on the machinery parts. Many farmers use the 55 gallon drums as the de-rusting tank itself. Just find your rustiest tools, wrenches, nuts/bolts, equipment or machinery and soak in Metal Rescue®. Be sure to cover the tank or tub when you are finished de-rusting so that you can use it again, over and over! IMPORTANT! Please be aware that Metal Rescue® MUST be at room temperature (68F) or above to work properly.


Whether you are an antique dealer or collector, Metal Rescue® is for you! If you are dealing with antiques, improve your selling price of rusted antiques by cleaning them up before you sell them! If you collect antiques, go ahead and find the rustiest artifacts you can at great prices, then clean them up with Metal Rescue® Rust Remover Bath. The advantage of Metal Rescue® is that you don’t have to disassemble the antique object. Metal Rescue® doesn’t harm paint, plastic, rubber, etchings or other materials that water won’t harm, as long as the paint is intact and rust hasn’t gotten behind the paint. Place the entire object into Metal Rescue® and watch the rust disappear. We even have beer can collectors de-rusting entire cans, paint and all in Metal Rescue®.


If you’re like most mechanics, home users or “Regular Joes”, you’ve got a bunch of rusty tools in your garage, barn or basement in need of a dose of Metal Rescue! Do you have rusty screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, pliers, sockets, T-squares or drill bits? Soak them in Metal Rescue® and it will remove all the rust but not the chrome, etchings or other materials that are part of the tool, like plastic, rubber or a wood handle. Just be careful not to soak something in Metal Rescue® that you wouldn’t soak in water. It’s a good rule of thumb: if you can soak it in water, it’s safe for Metal Rescue®. For wood handles, just remove as soon as the rust is removed for best results.

Hunting and Fishing

If you’ve got rusty fishing lures, tackle boxes or an old gun you want to clean up, Metal Rescue® is your answer. Just soak them in Metal Rescue® and bring them back to life! Metal Rescue® will remove bluing, browning, zinc phosphate and other oxide finishes.