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Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath & Dry Coat Rust Preventative

Products that Take the Work Out of Your Workshop

Available in Industrial Quantities-Use Them to
Take the Work Out of Your Workday Too!

Armor Protective Packaging, our industrial brand, offers big solutions to your company’s industrial-sized rust and corrosion problems.

Whether you manufacture metal parts yourself or receive them from a supply chain partner, Metal Rescue and Dry Coat offer clean, safe and easy rust removal and rust prevention solutions.

The list of benefits doesn’t end here, use Metal Rescue and Dry Coat for your commercial rust removal and rust prevention needs to:

  • Create value for your customers that you control
  • Eliminate dependence on other service vendors (for rust removal/prevention assistance)
  • Reduce outside costs of transportation, rework, handling and administrative costs
  • Deliver to your customers on your schedule–never have to send rusted parts back or to wait for replacement parts
  • Reduce labor, eliminate dangerous chemicals and increase safety while effectively removing/preventing rust

Learn more about the use of Metal Rescue and Dry Coat in your
plant, facility, or warehouse and how they will
Take the Work Out of Your Workday!

Fed up with dangerous, large-scale rust remover baths?

Metal Rescue gives you the ability to….

  • Make your rust removal tasks easier, cleaner and more efficient
  • Significantly reduce your product cost and equipment expense
  • Increase safety by getting rid of dangerous acids and harsh chemicals in the plant
  • Reduce labor costs vs. outdated acidic or media blasting de-rusting techniques

Frustrated with receiving rusted parts?

Metal Rescue gives you the ability to….

  • Never have to wait for replacement parts-stop sending rusted parts back
  • Cut out costs of transportation, rework, handling and administrative costs
  • Create a new profit center for your company by de-rusting for your customers
  • Offer value-added rust removal service to your customers, improving your relationship

Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is ideal for your industrial or commercial use

It is clean, safe and easy to use in three simple steps — no matter how large your metal part is.



Can your acid bath do that? Without gloves? Don’t put your employees or co-workers at risk with acids, caustics or other harsh cleaners or de-rusting solutions. Metal Rescue® is safe on everything except rust! See for yourself why Metal Rescue® may be the best solution for your facility for removing rust.

Join the 1000s of companies using Metal Rescue® for their industrial applications

Derust metal parts in as little as 60 seconds! Request a project assessment.

Your metal parts can be restored in 5 minutes to 48 hours, depending upon the amount of rust, type of steel and temperature of the solution. For industrial customers, this de-rusting time can be accelerated dramatically to improve process times by increasing the heat and applying agitation. Contact an ARMOR representative to discuss your particular situation. Metal Rescue® has completed de-rusting of metal parts for industrial customers in as little as 60 seconds when conditions are altered.

Metal Rescue® will not damage any of the following metals:

Aluminum, brass, copper, chrome, gold, lead, nickel, silver, titanium, tungsten, solder or solder points. Metal Rescue® will clean oils and some contaminants, and will not damage any of these metals. It is designed mainly to remove iron oxide (rust). In addition, Metal Rescue® will remove some oxides from copper and certain aluminums.

Metal Rescue® may leave a black film on some parts.

The black is from iron oxide II, often referred to as black oxide. Black oxide is a corrosion inhibiting film that is a more stable state of oxidized iron. It is not detrimental to the metal surface and is only cosmetic in nature. It can form on certain steel alloys and high carbon steel when left in Metal Rescue® for longer periods of time. For these metals, reducing the time that the part is immersed in the liquid will minimize the black film. Much of the black oxide film can be removed simply by rinsing with mild detergent or wiping with a cloth. Also, it is best to remove it immediately after removing parts from Metal Rescue and before the parts dry. The black oxide becomes more difficult to remove for parts that have soaked for long periods of time. It is best to soak rusted parts only as long as needed to remove the rust.

Metal Rescue® Usage Life

When exhausted, the Metal Rescue® bath will turn completely black and rust removal rates significantly decrease. The specific gravity will change from 1.02 to 1.06. There are many ways to measure specific gravity. One way is to use a hydrometer. They are easily available and cost between $5 and $15. They are commonly used for home brewing and wine making, and also used by people who keep salt water aquariums. Additionally, most manufacturing facilities with labs or chemicals have several ways to measure the specific gravity of a liquid.

Industrial Applications:

For over 35 years, ARMOR has been serving the industrial marketplace with corrosion management products. Industrial users of Metal Rescue® are abundant. Regardless of what parameters you put in place in an assembly or manufacturing operation, rust is ever present due to the many variables involved. Metal Rescue® is your way to recoup profits, take care of issues before they become problems and control your own business.

Armor Protective Packaging® has partnered with a tank manufacturer to provide customers with turn-key tank systems for use with Metal Rescue® in large scale de-rusting applications. Current designs include tank systems that range from a simple tank to tanks with pumps, strainers and sprayers. Contact your ARMOR representative for further information.


ARMOR has been United States Military approved since 1983 for corrosion inhibitors and is on the Qualified Product List for QPL-3420-PRF. With a history serving the military, there are applications in the field of combat that are perfect for Metal Rescue®. From tools to engines to weapons and combat equipment, Metal Rescue® is the clean, safe and easy rust remover of choice. Use it in the field of combat by setting up a simple spray with a recirculating pump. You don’t even have to remove the part from the vehicle! Metal Rescue® is also perfect for military asset preservation.   Contact ARMOR for more information about Metal Rescue® in the military and other ARMOR products for military packaging.

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PROTECT: Metal Rescue® can be used as a temporary rust inhibitor by dipping or spraying clean liquid onto the metal. For longer protection, use ARMOR corrosion inhibiting products: