Gel “On The Spot” Rust Remover

What is Metal Rescue GEL?

Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL is a cleaner, safer and easier rust remover for iron and steel. Unlike other gel-based rust removers, Metal Rescue GEL is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and contains no harmful or corrosive acids, alkalis or solvents. Metal Rescue GEL is your on-the-spot rust remover!  Its highly-adhesive formula allows for simple and controlled application–GEL clings to metal.  GEL must remain moist to remove rust; do not allow to dry.  For success, use Metal Rescue’s signature plastic wrap method: “Keep GEL from Dryin’—Wrap After Applyin.’”









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I Want Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL

No more labor-intensive scrubbing or disassembling parts to remove rust. Just apply, wrap, and remove. It’s that easy

Benefits of Metal Rescue GEL

Removes rust from metal surfaces

Easy to use–no scrubbing, dipping, or wire brushing required

Use to remove spot rust or hard-to-reach rust on large surfaces

Highly-adhesive formula is ideal for use on vertical surfaces

Apply only where needed– eliminates waste and saves money

Controlled application eliminates risk of harming surface areas around the rust

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

One jar covers approx. 230 sq. in. of surface area

Extended shelf life—GEL is good for up to one year after opening

Safer than other gel-based rust removers; contains no phosphoric acids

Does not compromise any mechanical properties or functionality of metal

Leaves clean metal ready for use or additional processing

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not required but it is recommended. The performance of Metal Rescue GEL will greatly improve if grease (such as Cosmoline), oil, loose rust, and/or dirt are removed prior to application. Pre-cleaning will speed up the rust removal process and extend the life of GEL.

One jar of Metal Rescue GEL will cover 1.6 square feet (230 sq. inches) of surface area if applied 1/8″ thick.  (1/8″ is approximately the same thickness as two pennies stacked on top of each other.)

Metal Rescue GEL can be used on any size area of rust as long as you have the ability to keep it moist using common household plastic wrap. We recommend limiting the application of GEL to surface areas no larger than approx 15 inches by 15 inches at a time (which is equal to the coverage capacity of one jar of GEL) if applied at 1/8” thick as indicated in the instructions for use.

Metal Rescue GEL will remove iron oxide (rust) from ferrous-based materials in 5 minutes to 24 hours depending on the degree and age of the rust. It will remove zinc phosphate, bluing, browning, and other oxide finishes. It also brightens copper and copper based alloys such as brass and bronze.

Yes, GEL is safe on the vast majority of paint coatings, with a few exceptions.

#1 If a layer of rust has formed under the paint some of the paint coating will be lost as GEL removes the rust and therefore the paint on top of the rust.

#2 Some paints and inks (typically red/orange), especially old paints, may use iron oxide pigment. GEL has been engineered to remove iron oxide in all forms, therefore it may dissolve the pigment in these types of paints.

#3 Painted metal items with flaking or cracking surfaces or chipping/deteriorating paint or coatings may not be suited for rust removal– whether it is GEL or a different product–and may experience unexpected damage. If in doubt, test a small area on the part prior to use.

Metal Rescue GEL is a rust remover designed for iron and steel. It is safe on metals other than iron and steel as long as they are not left in contact with GEL for too long. GEL will remove some oxides from copper, brass, and nickel but contact time is critical. The length of contact time is dependent upon the amount of oxidation present and alloy composition. It is recommended that the following metals be checked approximately every 30 minutes so as not to damage the surface under the oxidation layer: brass, copper, chrome, gold, lead, nickel, silver, titanium, tungsten, solder or solder points.

Metal Rescue GEL is not recommended for use on magnesium or magnesium alloys, zinc or aluminum.

If left on too long, (over 24 hours), a darker film may appear on the metal. The dark appearance is from iron oxide II, often referred to as black oxide. Black oxide is a corrosion inhibiting film that is a more stable state of oxidized iron. It is not detrimental to the metal surface and is only cosmetic in nature. It can form on certain steel alloys and high carbon steel when GEL is used for longer periods of time. For these metals, reducing the application time will minimize the black film.

Take the “Work” Out of Your Workshop with Metal Rescue® Rust Remover Gel

Paint it On, Wrap it Up, Take it Off. That’s all it takes to De-Rust

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