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For most of us, when something truly revolutionary happens we want to share the exciting news with others. Users of Metal Rescue Rust Remover BATH are no different. Metal Rescue users have seen how this water-based rust remover removes rust and at the same time saves them time, labor and money and they’ve proudly shared the results with us!  When it comes to the benefits of Metal Rescue, don’t take our word for it, instead check out our customer testimonials or what we at Workshop Hero call “Rustemonials.”

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How Workshop Hero™ friend Kristy Removed Unsightly Rust from her Bathroom Plumbing

If your bathroom is anything like that of our Workshop Hero friend Kristy’s, a hot shower means your plumbing is bound to rust.  When putting the trashcan in front of your toilet can no longer take care of hiding your unsightly plumbing rust, check out how Kristy used Metal Rescue® Rust Remover GEL to spruce [...]

Don’t Let Rust “Toy” With Your Emotions – Remove Rust from Old Metal Toys and Bring Them Back to Life!

As a member of the Workshop Hero team, I often hear from customers about their success in using Metal Rescue® Rust Remover Bath/CONCENTRATE to remove rust from old metal toys. While some of them are collectors, more often I hear from someone who wants to bring a toy “back to life” because they are inspired […]

Rust vs My Jeep: How I Easily Stopped Spreading Rust

Even as a member of the Workshop Hero sales team, I am not unscathed by the effects of rust. In fact, while driving, I had a rock hit the front of my JEEP. The impact of the rock created a dent just deep enough to rip the paint off without really damaging the hood. Upon […]

Barb’s Lantern

Barb stumbled on a family heirloom amongst her great grandfather’s belongings– a railroad lantern. Check out the before and after photos for the rest of the story. The take away is quick, painless, and compelling – Metal Rescue removes rust from iron and steel. It is water-based and clean, safe and easy to use and [...]

Farm Collector Magazine New Ideas for Old Iron

Farm Collector Magazine has chosen Metal Rescue and Dry Coat as a “New Idea For Old Iron” in their July 2015 issue. Check out how you can restore and reuse old iron for yourself!

Motorcycle Shocks

“Here are more parts I de-rusted with the help of Metal Rescue. These parts are from an early 1970’s motorcycle I’m restoring.” – Jeff Stevens To read entire testimonial download the pdf below:

1974 Chevy Nova Jack

“Thanks for such a great product. I used it for my jack from my 1974 Chevy Nova. I priced a new one (repo) and it was $80.00. You said that if it didn't work you would give me my money back. Well no need to send any money back because it worked exactly as you [...]

1978 Yamaha DT250

"Here is a very rusty inner rear fender from a 1978 Yamaha DT250 that I de-rusted with Metal Rescue. It is Yamaha part #1R7-21617-00-00. It is no longer available to purchase. I have seen them on eBay in the past, but can't find them listed on there now. This part supports the plastic rear fender [...]

Corvette Gauge Cluster Housing

“Picked Metal Rescue up at Corvettes at Carlisle. Stuff works great!!!!! It has saved a lot of original parts off my 63’ so far that were very, very rusted. Saving the parts saved me a lot of money! Hah, needless to say, it's money well spent!” - Gary To read entire testimonial download the pdf [...]

Harley Davidson Asia Pacific tank restore

“The Metal Rescue worked well. The tank has gone from being written off by Harley to being restored. After cost of Metal Rescue and relining sealer I will save over $1,000 on the cost of a new tank. It was certainly a worthwhile exercise. Many thanks for your excellent service and I will certainly be [...]

1963 Michigan Green License Plate

1963 Michigan license plate de-rusted halfway down the middle of plate. Note that paint is untouched as paint was sturdy and intact prior to de-rusting. Cleaned up extremely well with Metal Rescue. To read entire testimonial download the pdf below:

Yamaha GT Red Gas Tank

Metal Rescue was able to remove the rust from both inside the tank and outside, without harming the paint! Even the stickers, in this case, were left intact. Gas tank soaked for approximately 24 hours To read entire testimonial download the pdf below:

1969 Chevelle Ash Tray Holder

“This is a before and after picture of my 1969 Chevelle ash tray holder. Metal Rescue works! Thanks!” – Michael Johnson To read entire testimonial download the pdf below:

Chrysler Water Pump Rescued at Carlisle

“I was walking by with my rusty water pump housing and I thought I’d see if Metal Rescue would work. I gave the Metal Rescue team working at the booth my water pump housing….it was so rusty I regretted buying it. I didn’t know if sand blasting would save it. I stopped back (to the Metal Rescue [...]

Craftsman Socket Reborn

I have to tell you I am just blown away by your Metal Rescue!!! I put a socket in it yesterday that was so badly rusted I could not read the size, who made it, or anything else on it. It was just totally COVERED in rust, so badly that I was going to just [...]

Dad’s Old Golf Clubs

These old golf clubs were my dads. I found them in an old barn we had and thought I'd never clean them up without wrecking them with acids or other chemicals. I have to say I was amazed when they came this clean with Metal Rescue. I highly recommend this product for anything that you [...]

Engine Heads

"I'm a licensed wholesale auto dealer in Kansas, cash for clunkers snowed me under; thankfully it is over. It will allow me to get caught up on a bunch of items. The Metal Rescue worked terrific. Take a look at the before and after pics of the engine block. Thanks and happy motoring." - Curly [...]

Motorcycle Odometer

"I'm using Metal Rescue to restore a couple motorcycles. One of them is a 1972 Yamaha R5C and when I bought it the person that I got it from said the speedometer would need to be replaced. Well, I think he was wrong because it cleaned up pretty good and I was able to get [...]

Gas Cap

"Here are the results of my test of Metal Rescue. I talked to Scott and picked up a gallon while attending Carlisle this past weekend. It took about 24 hours for this gas cap to come clean. Engraved part number and message clean up quite nicely. I'm impressed and I've worked with several rust removal [...]

Motorcycle Turn Signal

“See attached pics….done with Metal Rescue. What can I say….a pictures is worth a 1,000 words or about a megabyte. Thanks Metal Rescue.”  – Jeff S. To read entire testimonial download the pdf below: